About TSN group

TSN Group is an engineering contractor that designs and installs electrical, mechanical and low-current systems in commercial, industrial, residential and other buildings throughout Russia. 



TSN  is a contractor for the design and installation of a full range of engineering systems, including the following:


  • Lighting and power supply;
  • Transformers for substations and distributors;
  • Security and communication systems;
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation;
  • Water and sewage systems;
  • Fire-prevention systems;
  • Automatic and manual-control systems.





TSN Group currently consists of five installation companies, each with the capacity to act either as M&E contractor across a broad spectrum of engineering-related work or as a contractor in its own sphere of specialization, as well as manufacturing, design and trading companies.


















Detailed information listed below:

TSN Ltd.

St.Petersburg, founded in 1995.

Main line: design and installation of full scope of engineering systems, M&E Contractor



197342, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
61, Vyborgsksaya emb.

tel.: +7 (812) 718-35-85
tel.: +7 (812) 718-34-89
fax: +7 (812) 718-35-90


Site: http://www.tsn-group.ru

TSN Project

St.Petersburg, founded in 2020.

M&E design, BIM bodeling



197342, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
61, Vyborgsksaya emb.

fax: +7 (812) 718-35-90


Site: http://www.tsn-group.ru

Alphacon Ltd

The company was founded in St. Petersburg in 2009.

Geography of presence: Moscow, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Kaluga.

Alphacon is an engineering contractor for systems:

• Communication and security

• Automation and dispatching

• Power supply and lighting

• Ventilation, air conditioning


The ALPHACON team solves engineering tasks for the supply, installation, commissioning and programming of low-voltage, electrical and mechanical systems in the construction of industrial, commercial, public, infrastructure and residential facilities


191119, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Ligovsky Ave., number 114, letter B, room 6-N

tel.: (495) 134-94-427
tel.: (812) 426-34-94


Site: http://alpha-con.ru/

TSN Group Ltd

St.Petersburg, founded in 2012.

Main line: strategic planning and development of TSN companies, marketing promotion of the group as a whole, the control over the activities of the group departments.


199034, Russia, Saint-Petersburg
7A, 14th Line of V.O., business center "Preobrazhensky"

tel.: (812) 677-95-96
fax: (812) 677-95-87


Site: http://www.tsn-group.ru


St.Petersburg, founded in 2002 

Main line: design of electrical, low current, HVAC and plumbing systems


Russia, St.Petersburg
15, Novolitovskaya

tel.: (812) 321-6501
fax: (812) 321-65-03


Site: http://www.vatsn.ru


St.Petersburg, founded in 2011. 

Main line: supply of electrical equipment:

  • Supply of transmission and distribution bus duct systems of LS-Cable production
  • Supply of dry type transformers of European manufacturers, including non-standard power transformers, auto-transformers, single-phase transformers, variable transformers, toroidal transformers
  • Supply of input switchgear, main switchboard (MSB), distribution boards, power factor correction devices
  • Supply of security and communication systems equipment (burglar alarms, fire alarms, access control, video surveillance, hospital equipment) of Schrack Seconet, Honeywell Life Safety, Siemens production.
  • Supply of automation and control equipment(BMS) of Siemens production
  • Supply of lighting equipment from leading European manufacturers


Russia, St.Petersburg
114B, Ligovsky pr.

tel.: +7(812)640-0632
tel.: +7(495)640-0632
fax: +7(812)640-0632


Site: http://www.7fort.com

Electrical Center TSN

St.Petersburg, founded in 2001. 

Main line: Manufacture of electrical panels (low-voltage switchgear and control cabinets).


197183, Russia, St.Petersburg
44, Polevaya Sabirovskaya st.

tel.: (812) 677-2258
fax: (812) 677-2258 #281


More information by telephone number (812) 718-35-85