Engineering systems for “New Holland” project

  • Vatech TSN design company is carrying out design works at the construction of multi-functional complex “New Holland” on the basis of the Contract with “New Holland” LLC. The scope of works for Vatech TSN is working design of all engineering systems for Block 1 (ex. Prisoner’s Tower).


    “New Holland” island is the object of cultural heritage of Russian Federation, unique monument of “early classicism” industrial architecture. It is located in Admiralteysky district of Saint-Petersburg, and is limited by Moyka river, Kryukov and Admiralteysky channels. The total area of the island is 7,8 ha.The territory of “New Holland” includes two artificial islands at the delta of Neva river. These two islands emerged in 1719, when two new channels for shipbuilding purposes had been dig through – Kryukov and Admiralteysky. According to the legend, the author of modern name of the complex was Peter the First. It was very suitable, because the name “Holland” originally had been given to the area near Admiralteystvo – a place where wooden materials were stored for shipbuilding purposes. When two new channels had been completed, wood store
    places were moved to the new islands, and it got its new name – “New Holland”.


    “New Holland” is the first navy port in Russia; it was founded in 1721, September 21.


    During almost all its history, the island was a restricted area that belonged to Russian Navy Forces. Only at the beginning of XXI century, the island had become the civil property of St-Petersburg, and the new step in its development started. In November 2010, “New Holland Development” LLC had won the tender on restoration and reconstruction of the island. The key tasks of the investor are to restore the monument of industrial architecture with almost 3-century history, and to create a multi-functional complex within its territory – the city’s cultural center and the spot for the world’s intellectual community.


    Vatech TSN, founded in 2002, specializes on the design of engineering facilities of interesting and prominent construction projects, equipped with modern engineering systems.