New shed for “Sapsan” and “Lastochka” trains by Siemens

  • TSN LLC is performing design works at the construction of shed for repair and maintenance of trains manufactured by Siemens (“Sapsan” and “Lastochka”). The building with total area about 10 000 m2 will be constructed by Step Construction Company in Metallostroy town, Leningrad region. The Customer of the construction is Siemens.


    TSN performs design works based on the contract with STEP Construction Company. The scope of works by TSN includes the design of lighting and power supply.


    Starting from year 2000, TSN worked as the subcontractor on design and installation of electrical and VLV systems at different construction projects by Siemens. Recently, “Siemens Gas-driven Turbine Technology” factory was opened in Leningrad region. 5 years ago TSN took part in the construction of Seimens headquarters in Moscow at Bolshaya Tatarskaya str., 9. Previously, based on the contracts with Siemens Elin, TSN took part in the construction of chemical wood factories in Vyborg, Klin (Glaverbel), Shuya (Egger), “Novinsky Passaj”, “MEGA Tyoply Stan”, “Atrium” shopping malls, and Japanese Embassy in Moscow.